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NMC is here to perform interior and exterior projects for those who demand the best results, and sometimes ask for the “impossible”. We are here for the quality conscious minds, that expects delivery on time, with zero hassle.

Our projects could be at sea anywhere in the world, or on-shore in Norway. But it is not about where we are, it is about YOU, and what you want to accomplish. Be it improving the working conditions for your hard-working employees by reconstructing your offices. Or making the next journey, for your most demanding cruise passengers, a once-in-a-life-time experience.

Whatever it is, we will plan and perform as if it was in our own home. Making sure our subcontractors and collaborating partners are professional and part of the family working all for one, and one for all. Then we always try to add “one unit of fun” to our projects making all the efforts worthwhile, for all.

Anne-Christine Kjøs


A Scalable organization

No job is too big or too small

We are prepared to take on big and small projects – both the complex and the straightforward. The ability to scale and adopt is a foundation for our success. Thus, our organization scales up and down – all based on our fantastic network of professional sub-contractors.

Our business has developed for more than 50 years in operation. First as a shop outfitter, to one of the most respected refurbishment companies in the cruise industry. And now also doing hotels and commercial buildings in Norway.

One of our competitive strengths is that through solid project management and personal follow up, we make all the different skilled workers perform together – one for all and all for one. We often remind ourselves on our key factors to success: People and Logistics.

Our projects have ranged from bringing one person onboard a ship in service for repair works to bringing 330 workers to Malta for entirely rebuilding a vessel in dry-dock.

That is why we say “No job is too big or too small for NMC

Our network of professional subcontractors

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Social Responsibility

We always work with the knowledge that our company has an impact on the environment. 


Our value creation must be sustainable, and we therefore focus on social responsibility in all our projects. We carefully examine the ingredients in the material we use and handpick materials that are sustainable/favorable for the environment.


We sort discarded products and packaging and collect the different types of waste separately, such as plastic, glass, and metal. This allows these raw materials to be re-used in the production of new goods. In this way, we keep the resources in a cycle, and reduce the need to constantly extract new natural resources. By recycling, we also get rid of harmful substances and metals so that these can be removed from the cycle, like electronic waste.

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NMC's solutions improve passenger comfort and safety as well as enhancing a ship's appeal in a crowded marketplace

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No project is too big or too small for NMC

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