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The past, present and future

Brief history

NMC’s chairman of the board, Åge Kjøs, started a company within the shop outfitting business in the 1960's, and the first job onboard a cruise ship was at the end of the 1970's, of course outfitting a gift shop. Since then, the company developed more to be a marine- rather than an on-shore company, and Norwegian Marine Construction AS was established in 1989.

The Vikings had three types of ships: “Langskipet” – the warship, “Knorren” – the trade/freight ship and “Karven” – the private ships that were used (mostly) for non-violent “cruises” along the coast.

The Viking Ship – Karven – in our logo stands for the quality of these ships that were built to withstand the rough challenges of the sea as well as the Vikings' sense of the art and grandeur reflected through the decorations and ornaments of their ships.

The NMC head office is situated at Sofiemyr, just outside Oslo in Norway. In order to better serve our customers – as well as to meet new ones – we decided to open a new office in Miami, U.S.A. in 1999.

NMC in Norway and the U.S.
NMC operates in a worldwide market, and we believe that increasing the activity depends strongly on being available. The Miami-area has for many years been a center for the cruise industry, with the presence of the major shipping companies and architects. Having one office in Norway and one in Miami helps us to get closer to our customers and thus serve them better. We have a proffessional team consisting of flexible personnel ready to go wherever they are needed on short notice - something that is crucial in this fast growing industry where deadlines often are short.

The future
A good question any cruise liner can ask them selves:
Do we want to offer our passengers a cruise of a higher standard and be more competitive in the industry?

The cruise industry is expanding, and the next few years will see the building of many new vessels. Already existing vessels need to keep up with the strong competition by undergoing refurbishments on a regular basis by improving passenger comfort and safety as well as performance of the ship.

It is therefore important that the cruise companies have professional decorating and refurbishment companies to turn to, and the NMC team is an obvious option, given our flexibility, experience and quality at all stages of such projects.

We will continue to evolve with the industry in order to maintain our position as one of the world’s leading specialists in its field. Many years of experience and establishment of mutually beneficial business relations will be the foundation for our upcoming business.

Project organisation

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