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Refurbishment and rebuilding

Holland America, Crows Nest, Design: Yran & Storbraaten Arcitects, built by NMC 2006
Norwegian Marine Constructionís
main activity is to deliver turnkey projects on board cruise vessels, platforms and ferries. These projects consist of multidisciplinary services in all phases of construction, rebuilding and renewing, ranging from collaboration with the architects on design solutions to the actual installation on board the vessel.

Our professional team ensures the best quality of materials and installations wherever in the world the work is performed. NMC performs projects world-wide, both while vessels are in service and during dockings.

Turnkey solutions
More and more ship-owners and shipyards prefer to place the finishing of the shipís interior into the hands of a single contractor for turnkey completion.

By doing so the ship owners/ship yards avoid having to coordinate a huge number of sub-contractors and activities on board the vessel at a very crucial
and stressful time in the project progress.Thus the
ship-owner/shipyard is able to adapt its organization and achieve savings.

Technical expertise                                                                                                  
NMC have well experienced technical experts who make certain that installations meet the demanding safety requirements from the respective class societies. We provide technical installations which comply with the SOLAS and other regulatory bodiesí rules and directions. At the termination of each project, NMC provides a complete set of documentation and fire rating certificates for all materials installed.

Time schedules
For each of the projects, we produce accurate time schedules, so that we know - at all times - the status of the work. These time schedules are very important in order to ensure a correct co-ordination of all activities within the NMC group as well as with any other contractors that may be involved on the same project.

Ship Designers we have worked with
Yran & Storbraaten Architects, Norway
VFD, The Netherlands
Tillberg Design, Sweden
Tillberg Design US, USA

Class Societies we have worked with

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